Artists Statement

All my work emanates from the inter-related concepts of being, becoming, beauty and truth. I am interested in what it means to be a created being in the world, as well as the more abstract concept of 'Being.'
The essential quality of a material is therefore a starting point of all my sculpture. The possibilities of a form - what it might become - are ever present. Sometimes I produce a series of works, each one developing from the form of the previous one or being in a different material. I like to make work in a range of modern and traditional materials, including bronze, lead, stainless steel, copper and fibreglass-backed resins.
Because my work is abstract in form, I am more concerned to evoke personal responses in the viewer than convey very specific ideas, as a text would do. Most of my work is intended to live in the open air, although I have recently executed some "table pieces" designed to be seen indoors.